Program and Abstract Book (revised June 2)

Friday, June 3

8:00–9:00am Coffee and Registration
9:00–10:15am Lifting the Veil: A Report on Graduate Music History Pedagogy Training in the United States (2015)
Chair: Trudi WrightAnthony Bushard (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
S. Andrew Granade (University of Missouri-Kansas City)
Gayle Sherwood Magee (University of Illinois)
Patrick Warfield (University of Maryland)
10:15–10:30am Break
10:30–11:30pm Crafting Writing and Writers
Chair: John SpilkerAvoiding the “Amoeba”: Making Feedback Efficient and Effective
Kimberly Hieb (West Texas A&M University)Critical Thinking and Effective Writing Strategies in the Graduate Music Bibliography Class
Alexandra Monchick (California State University, Northridge)
11:30–2:00pm Lunch/Lightning Talks
Facilitator: Sara HaefeliMaterials for Teaching Music History Pedagogy
Sara McClure (University of Missouri-Kansas City)Race and Gender in the Voice: Challenging Essentialism
Melanie Shaffer (University of Colorado Boulder)

Faculty-Student Collaborative Research in Musicology: What, Why, How
Sarah Day-O’Connell (Skidmore College)

Our History: Teaching Undergraduates like Graduate Students
Lindsey Macchiarella (University of Texas at El Paso)

2:00–3:00pm Energizing Early Music
Chair: Gayle Sherwood MageeApproaching Chant through Context and Performance
Alison Kaufman (University of Oregon)Music in the Time of Climate Change: Re-enchanting the Study of Music History
Sara Haefeli (Ithaca College)
3:00–3:30pm Break
3:30–5:00pm Teaching the Historical Present
Chair: Kendra Preston LeonardHistoriography and Social Justice: A Student-Curated Exhibit on Race in American Music
Louis Epstein (St. Olaf College)Teaching the Music History of Now: An Undergraduate Research Project
Esther M. Morgan-Ellis (University of North Georgia)

Muse: A Collaborative Approach to the Interdisciplinary Freshman Experience Course
Sarah Tyrrell (University of Missouri-Kansas City)

Saturday, June 4

8:00–9:00am Coffee
9:00–10:30am Classroom Orientations
Chair: Alexandra MonchickHistorical Research in the Field of Music History Pedagogy: Areas for Further Exploration
Scott Dirkse (Bakersfield College)Teaching Intentional Listening in the Music History Classroom
Christopher Macklin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Confronting the Spiraling Costs of Course Materials in the Music History Sequence; or, How to Ditch a Textbook: A Pathway to the Flipped Classroom
Scott M. Strovas (Wayland Baptist University)

10:30–10:45am Break
10:45–12:15pm Performance and Performers
Chair: Sarah TyrrellBeyond Appreciation: A New Philosophy for Intro to Music Courses
Matthew Baumer (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
Kevin Burke (Florida Institute of Technology)Composing Music History
Allen Scott (Oklahoma State University)

Parallel Universes: Producing Live Performances of Style-Period Musics in the Music Industry Studies Curriculum
Laurie Semmes (Appalachian State University)

12:15–2:00pm Lunch/Lightning Talks
Facilitator: Daniel Barolsky5 Ideas for Experiential Learning in Music History
Sienna M. Wood (University of Colorado Boulder)Podcasting in Teaching Music History
Oksana Nesterenko (Stony Brook University)

Teaching with the Silent Film Sound & Music Archive
Kendra Preston Leonard (Silent Film Sound & Music Archive)

Backward History You May Teach: Reverse Chronology in the Undergraduate Music History Survey
Larry Hamberlin (Middlebury College)

2:00–5:00pm Unconference Session
5:00pm Closing Remarks